Sunscreen – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Sunscreen – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


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a country like South Africa, it is very important that you work to shield your family from the strong sun rays. Sunscreens play an important role here, but while these products are supposed to work to protect our skin, most of what’s out there isn’t any good at all.



Home Made Gift Ideas

Ever been out at the shops for hours looking for that perfect Christmas or Birthday gift and just cant find anything that suits your values, budget and that you know will warm that special person’s heart? I would much rather spend that time making a homemade gift. This way you know what is in it, where it comes from and that it will be healthy and enjoyed. (more…)

Carien with baby boy

5 Natural Baby Products You Can Use With Peace Of Mind

We recently became the proud parents of an adorable little baby boy. As all you parents out there already know, these little guys demand lots of time and leave little time for things like blogging and doodling around. But now that we've settled in, things are going back to normal. Or should I say, we are settling into our new normal. Our new normal has provided us the opportunity to use the natural baby products we sell on the Greenlove store. Allow me to shamelessly punt these great baby products to you as I share my first hand experiences using them.


Health Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Imagine a natural product that can cure a wide range of ailments, boost your immune system and even clean your home – completely naturally too! With tea tree essential oil, all of this and more

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is possible, resulting in a powerful natural solution that could very well be the single most useful product in any home.