Avoid Consumer Mentality With These Green-ish Tips

Like it or not, to the big corporates out there, you and me are labeled as mere consumers. In large corporation’s marketing plans we’re all referred to as consumers. I don’t know about you, but the thought of being labeled and put in box like this, kind of brings out the rebel in me. Especially with the word consumer having such a negative connotation to it. Allow me to explain. (more…)

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5 Vital Tips For Green Living

We have all hea

rd about global warming and the heated debates surrounding it. As we witness the destruction of our planet and see the effects of global warming on our environment, we are painfully made aware that it’s not the future generation’s problem anymore. Living our lives in a country poor with natural resources like clean water and unpolluted air, we sometimes struggle to see our personal contribution impact effectively on the environment.

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The Antibiotic Trial

I recently started thinking about the effects of antibiotics and antibacterial agents in our daily food, water and living environments. To be honest, it’s all a bit daunting. Is it really completely avoidable? I personally like to believe every little bit we are able to do, helps. In my opinion, this is the case in all aspects of life.

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The Truth About Disposable Nappies

Most mothers don’t think twice before putting that disposable diaper on their baby’s bottom. I reckon they should give it some serious thought, don’t you? They ought to think about where those diapers end up when thrown away. They should also think about how long that diaper will stay where it’s going when they throw it away and they should consider what all the ‘wonderful’ chemicals in the diaper does to their little ones and the environment they have to live in.