Recipe For Vegetarian Bean Burger Patty

Meat Free Monday – Vegetarian Bean Burger Patties That Satisfy

If anyone ever tells you vegetarians are missing out on beef burgers and such, then you tell them; “Well you haven’t read the Greenlove blog lately have you?” Not sure what effect that will have but give it a shot anyway. What we are sure of is that this burger patty will satisfy any ardent meat eater and vegetarians alike. We’re hoping to come up with a vegan version pretty soon but here’s what we have so far. Read on to discover a great tasting and healthy vegetarian burger.



Root Vegetable Potato Bake

This is such an easy and healthy dish to make, with ingredients most people have in their kitchen all the time. This can easily be turned into a Vegan dish by replacing the Parmesan with nutritional yeast. It's great as a main or a side dish.