Sunscreen – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Sunscreen – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


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a country like South Africa, it is very important that you work to shield your family from the strong sun rays. Sunscreens play an important role here, but while these products are supposed to work to protect our skin, most of what’s out there isn’t any good at all.



10 Surprising Uses For Organic Olive Oil

How do you think Mediterranean people got their fine-looking even toned olive complexion? These brawny bronze Greek gods and goddesses sure didn't have tanning beds. On second thought, these days they just might. Could it be the Mediterranean sun or perhaps their exceptional cuisine. We'll let you in on a little secret (as if you haven't guessed it already) You're right! It's Olive oil of course! Olive oil has huge health benefits. Not just for general health but also for your skin. Read on to find out more.



Natural Skin Care – Facial Masks For All Skin Types

Have you ever wanted a facial mask that not only caters to your specific skin, but is natural and budget friendly too? Well now you can. All you need are a few food products that

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are most probably already in your house – And our easy to make DIY skin care recipes for a reviving facial. Hint… This is fun to do with a few friends 😉


Know What’s In Your Skincare Products

p>It’s been commonly accepted through growing up with store bought skincare and beauty products that it is safe to use. After all, manufacturers have our best interest at heart, right? They would never knowingly put any harmful ingredients in their products solely to increase their bottom line, would they? That type of naivety died along with the last century. We as consumers need to take it upon us to educate ourselves in the beauty products we expose ourselves and our family to. Every day, without even giving it much thought we buy into extravagant marketing campaigns that influence our thinking about a brand. Without even knowing what ingredients are put into the soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners we readily expose our families to. Our buying patterns have fallen victim to a herd mentality.