Greenlove – Almost Open For Business

Greenlove is on a simple mission. To help people live better lives. If you’d like to know about what we‘re up to and why you may just give a fig, then read on.

Who is Greenlove?

To best describe who Greenlove is I’ll start with who we are not:

  1. We’re not a bunch of renegade hippies hoping to re-live the sixties.
  2. We’re not Rastafarians with an affinity to “loving that green”
  3. We’re not spiritualists hoping to find the answer to all earths problems
  4. We’re not fairies floating in the forest on mystical journeys

This is who we are. Are you ready for it? Here it comes: Greenlove is a business… A business that sells organic and natural products. I know it’s

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a shock. Doesn’t sound very mystical does it? But you know what? We’re a business with a purpose. And that’s to help people live better lives. We don’t hide behind mottos, spiritual façades and supposed brand values like many brands usually do. The truth is, my husband and I started Greenlove because we have a passion for living the way nature intended. The products Greenlove sells are guaranteed to be free from harmful ingredients and synthetic chemicals.

What Does Greenlove Do?

Without beating around the bush, Greenlove is a company that sells organic and natural goodies or more accurately we will be as soon as our shop goes online. These goodies include organic & natural skin care products, aromatherapy oils, mother and baby products, natural home-care products, organic foods and even fashionable all-in-one cloth nappies. And just in case you were wondering, we’ll definitely sell organic coffee too. Greenlove will have close to 200 organic and natural products to choose from. Think of Greenlove as your grocery store, except everything is organic and natural and you can shop from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Why should you care?

Going organic and natural is not only an essential part to a healthier better quality lifestyle, but also a smart choice for your kids and the environment. Large corporate institutions (we won’t mention any names right now) want the public to believe that organic products are no better than conventional poison laced, chemically induced products. But to Greenlove and other authorities it’s a no-brainer, going natural and organic has significant health benefits and a positive effect on the environment.

Who’s Behind The Scenes at Greenlove?

Well at the moment there’s 3 greenys making sure that Greenlove will operate as well as it can.

Jamy keeps the cogs of the website turning. He managed to quite his Facebook addiction and now is an outstanding foosball player.

Piet makes sure to spread the word about Greenlove and helps to make sure the right systems and procedures are in place.

And I’m responsible for sourcing cool and useful products and getting your order to you on time.

Any Suggestions?

At the time of posting this, Greenlove is still a few weeks from launch. If you would like, you are welcome to give suggestions of natural and organic products you’d really like to see on our online shops’ virtual shelves.

Why don’t you leave a comment on this blog post with your suggestions. It will be great to hear from you.


Aloha! I'm Carien. I live in The Swartland on a small holding and I am a full time house wife with one husband, one son, two dogs, two pigs, three sheep and ten chickens. Living as natural as possible is a pet passion of mine. Inclined to a mostly organic vegetarian diet I might post healthy food recipes (sometimes naughty), some green tips and random info on organic and natural living.