Natural Sleeping Aides

Natural Sleeping Aides

Insomnia can be stressful, incapacitating and it is something common. One in three people suffer from some form of insomnia at least once in their lifetime. The regular causes of insomnia includes over-active thinking, stress & anxiety of any kind, chemical imbalances – such as depression, side effects of medications and changes in sleeping patterns.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that relying on sleeping pills is a bad idea for reasons ranging from ingesting chemicals to relying on something intangible to get some shut-eye. Personally I think it's the lazy way to go about it. There is a range of things you can do to help you sleep without taking a pill every night.

If your unwanted friend 'Insomnia' is out to play, the most important thing to do is to scare him away by changing the routines that keep you awake. This is the first thing anyone should do to achieve a peaceful sleep. I think it's best to rely on yourself to sleep and not an external source. If the external source is absent, it could cause you to stress which is one of the causes of lack of sleep.

If you are stressed or have to change your bed-time schedule, a sleeping aide is in order. A natural one is definitely the way to go. Essential oils that help best are:

Natural sleep balm is also a product worth trying.

They can be used by themselves or in combination and should be applied to your temples, massaged into your back or even put on your pillow right before you go to sleep.

Make sure you mix the essential oils with a carrier oil when used directly on your skin. When pregnant, make 100% sure that the essential oil used will not have an adverse effect.

Don't become a sleeping-pill drug user. Take control of your own life and allow yourself to sleep when you want to and not when a pill tells you to.



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