Uses for Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli Essential Oil

Known in India as puchaput, this exotic essence with its spicy, captivating and earthy undertones has held a tenacious and definitive role in history. Along with its revolutionary reputation as the scent associated with American counterculture and the hippie movement of the 60’s and 70’s, Patchouli Essential Oil has an array of determinate benefits.


Ylang Ylang Essentail Oil

Ylang Ylang oil is not only prised for its glorious fragrance but exhibits several highly beneficial properties that suit more practical applications. Ranging from stress relief to dispelling motion sickness, Ylang Ylang undoubtedly has more inherent medicinal potential than it is given credit for. Modern day use of this oil is a favourite among perfumeries, and has been added to well known fragrances.
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Recipe For Vegetarian Bean Burger Patty

Meat Free Monday – Vegetarian Bean Burger Patties That Satisfy

If anyone ever tells you vegetarians are missing out on beef burgers and such, then you tell them; “Well you haven’t read the Greenlove blog lately have you?” Not sure what effect that will have but give it a shot anyway. What we are sure of is that this burger patty will satisfy any ardent meat eater and vegetarians alike. We’re hoping to come up with a vegan version pretty soon but here’s what we have so far. Read on to discover a great tasting and healthy vegetarian burger.



Rosemary Essential Oil

As one of the most popular culinary herbs, Rosemary offers a fresh, sweet balsamic fragrance and taste that is appealing to the senses and beneficial for the body. With an impressive list of restorative and medicinal applications, it’s no wonder this versatile elixir has always been and always will be a favourite.