Vegetarian Mushroom Biltong Pizza

Scrumptious Vegetarian Mushroom Biltong Pizza – Meat Free Monday

We used to be meat eaters way back when, and always missed the taste of biltong. That is, until we came across this gem called Mushroom Biltong and we couldn't resist trying it out on a pizza. The result: Heaven!

You'll need these ingredients:

Balsemic vinegar and Rocket

Here's how we made it:

Pre-heat oven at 280 degrees.

Fry the onion until it starts to turn golden brown, ad the sugar and caramelize. Ad balsamic vinegar and allow to reduce. Spread over dough base (note that we did not use any tomato base with this pizza).

Slice the blue cheese in big chunks and sprinkle evenly. Tear the Mushroom biltong into pieces and add to pizza. Grate the cheddar or Mozzarella on top and put the pizza on the bottom shelve in the oven.

Bake until crispy and remove from oven.


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the fresh rocket leaves on top and enjoy with a little bit of olive oil mixed with chilli powder.

Vegatarian Mushroom biltong pizzaThis one's a winner for sure!



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