We have all heard about global warming and the heated debates surrounding it. As we witness the destruction of our planet and see the effects of global warming on our environment, we are painfully made aware that it’s not the future generation’s problem anymore. Living our lives in a country poor with natural resources like clean water and unpolluted air, we sometimes struggle to see our personal contribution impact effectively on the environment.

One way to change this is by going green.

Here you will find 5 tips that will have you well on your way to becoming a conscientious and responsible citizen and enjoy the benefits green living has to offer.

Tip 1: Solar Energy, it’s free!

Arguably one of the best ways to go green and to benefit from the earth’s biggest source of energy, the sun. With Eskom rebates offered on solar geysers and water heating systems, and the effectiveness of ceiling and roof insulation at cutting your home heating and cooling energy expenses, there really is no excuse not to benefit from this continually improving technology. Designed to keep your money where it should be, your pocket!

Tip 2: Recycle, more nice if you use it twice!

One glass bottle may take up to 1000 years to decompose in the environment and an aluminum can up to 200 years while a plastic container will take up to 20 years. When you consider the recovery rates for various materials of South Africa’s households like 67.5% for cans, 52% for paper and 21-30% for glass, the impact that waste has on the environment is catastrophic, and nobody can take responsibility for it besides you! Green living is as much a lifestyle as it is the responsibility of every eco-conscious contributor to the environment.

Tip 3: Organic Products, more taste, less haste!

There are numerous benefits to using organic products, not least the better taste you’ll get from your veggies, 400 different pesticides are used in conventional farming to poison and kill living organisms on the produce, and their residues are present in the food we eat. Organic products don’t make use of any pesticides or herbicides and keeps things healthy so you know what you’re eating!

Tip 4: Alternative cleaning products, it’s cheaper!

Using non-toxic and organic cleaning products is not only great for the environment, but can benefit your pocket as well. Commercial cleaning products are made from harsh chemicals. You can make your own cleaning supplies using lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar and enjoy a clean home in an eco-friendly way.

Tip 5: Biodegradable, no use in hanging around too long!

Biodegradable products such as cleaning products and sugar cane plates will eventually be broken down into its natural elements and get absorbed by the environment. Going green by buying biodegradable products means you are actively conserving the environment by considering it through your spending habits.

Green living is ultimately a choice. We as consumers have the prerogative and duty to use manufactured goods that promote green living and products that are made from sustainable resources. At the end of the day, our health and our pockets will benefit from it.


Aloha! I'm Carien. I live in South Africa in an area called the Swartland (Black Land). I live on a small holding (Homestead) and I am a full time house wife with one husband (yes, only one), one son, one dog, a few sheep and plenty of chickens. Living as natural as possible is a passion of mine. Inclined to a mostly organic vegetarian diet I tend to post healthy food recipes, green tips and information on natural and organic and natural living.

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