If you’ve wondered what the fuss is all about or just curious then here’s a good primer why organic food is better than conventional food.

1. Organic Food is Healthier for Pregnant Women

You know, I know, everybody knows that conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fumigants and fungicides. This helps to increase the yield of crops which is good for commerce but not so great for us, the end consumer or the environment. According to this article by the Bloomberg Businessweek, pesticides pose the biggest risk to children and fetuses. Pesticides have been shown to cross the placenta during pregnancy, and a recent study by scientists at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health in New York found a link between pesticide use in New York apartments and impaired fetal growth.

2. Organic Food Is Healthy Food – Period

Organic food is good food. Good to eat, good for the environment, good for small-scale farmers and better for the health of farm workers who produce it. On average, organic food contains higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants.

3. Organic Food Contains No Pesticides and Additives

Over 350 chemical pesticides are routinely used in conventional farming and residues are often present in non-organic food. Organic food doesn’t contain food additives, which can cause health problems such as heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity. Amongst the additives banned by the Soil Association are hydrogenated fat, aspartame (artificial sweetener) and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

4. No Genetically Modified (GMO) Crops

The long term health and environmental effects have not yet been determined but evidence is abounding that there are definite dangers. Genetically modified foods are eaten daily and they have never been tested on humans. Tests on animals, which is totally unnecessary because GMO foods should not have been invented in the first place, reveal shocking results, which are potential threats to our health. You can find out more information about the dangers of GMO foods on the SAFeAGE website.

 5. No Antibiotics in Organic Meat

When you eat meat you essentially eat what the animal’s been fed. There is great concern about the high use of antibiotics on farm animals. Antibiotics, growth promoters and other additives are added to non-organic meat during the animal’s life and while the meat is prepared for consumption. The unnecessary intake of antibiotics makes our human bodies immune to antibiotic treatments when we’re sick and really need it. It is also what’s causing the appearance of the so called “super bugs”.

6. Less Animal Cruelty

Animals raised on organic and free-range farms have much better living conditions than animals living on factory farms. Organic and free-range farms tend to be smaller and better controlled. Although we don’t always know how these animals are treated once they reach the abattoir. They say that if abattoirs had glass walls nobody would eat meat.

7. Organic Farming is Environmentally Friendly

Organic farming is better for wildlife and produces less carbon dioxide – the main global warming gas – as well as fewer dangerous wastes generally. The absence of pesticides also helps to preserve the natural soil, insect life and keeps the water tables free from contaminants. Organic farming also helps to maintain the farming soil integrity.

8. Organic Food Tastes Better

Taste is certainly an individual matter, but many top chefs like Raymond Blanc, Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall and Jamie Oliver all choose to cook with organic food because they know that it has superior quality and taste. An increasing number of consumers are also of the opinion that organic food tastes better. Because organic food is grown in well-balanced soil, it makes sense that these healthy plants have a great taste.


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