Hi there. I’m Carien and Greenlove is my blog. I live in The Swartland on a small holding and I’m a full time house wife with 1 husband, 1 son, 1 dog, 6 sheep (and counting) and 25 chickens (and counting). Living as natural as possible is a pet passion of mine. Occasionally I might post healthy food (sometimes naughty) recipes, some green tips and random info on organic and natural living in the country side.

Albeit challenging, I don’t regret moving to the country side for a moment.

Actually, Greenlove.co.za used to be an online store that sold organic and natural products. I closed shop due to a life style choice we (the family) made. We’ve always had a great desire to live in the country and to truly live out our values by living as naturally as possible with what the land has to offer and to become self sustainable. So it was a choice between living in the city to build a business or moving to the country to carve out a living and a more peaceful existence. The latter was the obvious choice for us and we don’t regret it for a moment.

So, if you like, follow me for some country living adventures, green tips, self sufficiency tips and a recipe or two.