I never used to be a big salad guy but this salad made me the salad guy I am today. This salad simply explodes with flavour. It’s the perfect partner for minimalistic pizzas and pastas or just a lazy Sunday afternoon braai.

You’ll need these ingredients to serve 4

  • 2 x Red or Pink organic apples – sliced into wedges
  • Bunch of mixed organic salad leaves. For taste sensation include loads of rocket.
  • 1 x Organic Avocado – sliced
  • ±15 x Cherry tomatoes – halved
  • ±70g mixed seeds – I normally use sunflower, sesame and linseeds
  • 4 tablespoons raw brown sugar
  • Coconut oil

This is how we made it

Heat a pan with a little coconut oil. Scatter the sugar and the sliced apple over the surface of the pan. Turn the apples regularly to prevent them from burning.

Organic Apples Being Fried

When they turn Greek god golden brown and the sugar is sinfully caramelized remove the apples from the pan and put on a plate to cool.

Frying Organic Seeds

Now add the seeds to the pan and add a little more sugar. Keep stirring it around while it caramelizes. When it’s caramelized enough remove from pan and spread on a cold plate to cool and harden.

Tear the salad leaves and put them in a bowl. Add the halved cherry tomatoes and sliced avocado.

When the apples have cooled, add to the salad and sprinkle the caramelized seeds over.

You can add a little organic olive oil and presto! A delicious summer salad.

Caramelized Organic Apple Salad


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