This green tip is not revolutionary by any means, but if you want to go green then this green tip will sure help.

Get a Bucket

Grey water systems are amazing and are definitely the way to go to make the best use of all your household water. However, not everyone has the means to have one installed.

So what’s a girl to do?

To save water, and go greener, all you have to do is place a bucket in your kitchen sink. Here’s how it can help you save water or at least put the water to better use instead if letting it run down the drain and go to waste.

How much water you say?

As most of us go through the day I’m sure you use the kitchen tap quite often. Maybe to rinse a glass, wash you hands or wash of those lettuce leaves from your garden. Now try and calculate how much water all your washes and rinses accumulate to at the end of the day. Perhaps a litre? Maybe… two, maybe three or five… I think you might be quite surprised at how much water we use per day and how much of it goes to waste.

What if you can save those 5 litres of water in your bucket and use it to water your herb garden or your pot plants?

So let’s make a conservative estimate and imagine 5 Million households manages to save 5 litres a day in their bucket. That’s effectively 25 million litres a day or over 9 billion litres of water per year! That’s more or less equivalent to 2920 Olympic size swimming pools.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bucket and do your bit. Small things like this starts with you. Be the change you want to see.

Please note: Your dish-washing water is not suitable for use in your garden as it will contain oily residues from your dishes. Never use oily water on your plants.


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