Most all of us have a lemon tree in the back yard bursting at it’s seems once a year. Most of us have no idea what to do with all those lemons!

One of the things I do is to squeeze out the juice and freeze it in ice trays for later use… but then you are left with a pile of lemon rinds. Sure, you can grate some of the rind and freeze that too for use in recipes, but you will still be left with a pile.

What I did last year was to make myself some all purpose cleaner.


  • White Vinegar
  • Lemon Peels

How I made it:

Take a glass bottle, fill it with as many lemon peels as possible, and then fill it up with the white vinegar. Put on the lid and leave it for a week or two.

You can use it neat or diluted with water in a spray bottle. Use it to clean counters, floors, walls… anything you like really! You can keep your bottles and use it throughout the year.

It leaves your home smelling fresh and lemony, the vinegar smell soon disappears.


Aloha! I'm Carien. I live in South Africa in an area called the Swartland (Black Land). I live on a small holding (Homestead) and I am a full time house wife with one husband (yes, only one), one son, one dog, a few sheep and plenty of chickens. Living as natural as possible is a passion of mine. Inclined to a mostly organic vegetarian diet I tend to post healthy food recipes, green tips and information on natural and organic and natural living.

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