Neroli is a fragrant essential oil with a delicate allure of affluence yet it boasts an array of several highly beneficial practical applications, making it an appealing compliment to personal hygiene and healthcare.

As one of the more expensive essential oils, this aromatic quintessence with its floral-spicy, distinctive and provocative scent is a time honoured and commonly favoured element used in perfumery and fragrance design.

The name Neroli, unrelated to the name of its origin, is said to have been first introduced and popularized as a fashionable fragrance by Princess Anna Marie de la Tremoille of Nerloa in Italy during the 17th century. She would use the essence of bitter orange to scent her gloves and bath water, and was since associated with the elite.

In ancient Rome orange blossoms were seen as a representation of purity and honour and were traditionally worn by brides in their hair on their wedding day as an expression of that symbol.

Where Does Neroli Oil Come From?

Neroli Essence is the plant oil produced by the small fragile flowers of the bitter orange citrus tree. Many varieties of bitter orange are used and the essential oil is extracted from the blossoms by means of water distillation, as the more common method of extraction, steam distillation, is too harsh for the delicate blossoms to withstand.

The bitter orange tree is native to Asia, China, South America, the Mediterranean and California. It is also cultivated in Egypt, and Italy but the highest quality oil is considered to come from Tunisia and France.

Therapeutic Uses

    • Antiseptic properties in Neroli successfully kill harmful infection-causing organisms making it a safe remedy on minor wounds, abrasions and cold sores.
    • As a nervine agent, Neroli Essential Oil is popularly used as a herbal remedy for treating depression and can be used to calm nerves and promote relaxation, as well as treat heart palpitations.
    • In addition to having nervine properties, Neroli Essential Oil has a sedative effect that is useful in relieving shock and insomnia.
    • Neroli Oil helps to normalize hormone imbalance, stabilizing mood swings, making it a practical solution for PMS and menopause.
    • Neroli Essential Oil regulates sebum production and is therefore well suited to treat acne break-outs and moisturize both dry skin and moderately oily skin.
    • As the Neroli plant has natural cellular regenerating hormones, the oil is often used in skin care products. Its emollient properties make it especially beneficial for mature and sensitive skin.
    • The cytophylactic properties in this oil make it beneficial to skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and overall cleansing of skin on a cellular level.
    • Due to its antispasmodic action, Neroli Oil helps sooth tummy spasms making this a suitable remedy for anyone suffering from cramping associated with flatulence as well as menstrual cramps.
    • Neroli Oil is a popular ingredient in healing balms and vanishing creams as its cicatrisant constituent helps in the formation of scar tissue aiding in the reduction of visible scars, stretch marks and broken capillaries.
    • Neroli has long been noted as a renowned aphrodisiac.
    • This essential oil helps to prevent the formation of gas in the alimentary tract, which can help the passing and relieving of flatulence.

Health Uses

  • To help combat very dry skin and improve tone of more mature skin, add 3 drops of Neroli Essential Oil and 4 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil to half a tablespoon of Sweet Almond Oil. Apply sparingly as a moisturizer in the evenings.
  • Add 5 drops of Neroli Essential Oil with 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to a spray bottle half filled with distilled water. Mist your pillows and duvet before bedtime to help send you into a full and peaceful night’s sleep. Store in the fridge and discard contents after 7 days.
  • Most skin types and their respective conditions respond very well to treatments incorporating Neroli, and with its cicatrisant properties you can make use of these qualities by preparing a healing mask to help reduce the appearance of pock-marks, blemishes and scarring. Simply mash 1/4th an avocado and add in 4 tablespoons of soy yogurt. Thoroughly mix in 4 drops of Neroli Essential Oil and apply gently to your face, Wash off after 10 minutes.

Awesome tip: To help relieve menstrual cramps, blend 2 drops of Neroli Essential Oil, 3 drops of Chamomile Essential Oil and 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil with a tablespoon of Grapeseed Oil and rub it over your lower abdomen in a gentle circular motion.

Caution: There are no known contra-indications to using Neroli Essential Oil, but should you be pregnant or breast feeding, avoid use as a precaution. Because essential oils are concentrated, highly potent substances don’t use undiluted on the skin.

Disclaimer: We are not medically trained in any way; if you suffer from a medical condition, please consult your doctor or homeopath.


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