As one of the most popular culinary herbs, Rosemary offers a fresh, sweet balsamic fragrance and taste that is appealing to the senses and beneficial for the body. With an impressive list of restorative and medicinal applications, it’s no wonder this versatile elixir has always been and always will be a favourite.

Believed to be a symbol of love, it was perceived to be a sacred herb used by the ancients in spiritual rituals and wedding ceremonies.
From relieving pain to enhancing concentration, Rosemary was revered by Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Hebrews for its all-round medical applications. Greek scholars used to braid Rosemary sprigs into their hair to enhance their learning capabilities and increase their memory capacity.

Where Does Rosemary Essential Oil Come From?

The evergreen Rosemary shrub (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a member of the mint family, lamiaceae. Rosemary Oil is extracted from the fresh flowering tops by means of steam distillation and it takes roughly 30.9 kilograms of freshly cut flora to create 450 millilitres of essential oil!

Derived from the Latin ‘ rosmarinus’, meaning ‘dew’ (Ros) ‘of the sea’ (marinus), it is native to the Mediterranean and Asia. This hardy herb has the ability to adapt to diverse climates and, as a result, can be grown and cultivated in many different geographical regions.

Therapeutic uses

  • As an analgesic this oil can aid in the relief of rheumatic pain, general muscle aches, as well as help relieve headaches, migraines and neuralgia.
  • Topical use, by blending it into a massage oil or adding it to a body lotion, can help with poor circulation, reduce and prevent the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite. Rosemary’s astringent quality causes the contraction of body tissue, in turn tightening sagging skin.
  • As a nervine, Rosemary essential Oil can be used to calm nerves, nervous jitters and promote relaxation.
  • Rosemary Oil is highly beneficial for hair and scalp care. It can be used to effectively combat dry itching scalp caused by dandruff and its stimulating action acts on the follicles, encouraging hair growth and inhibiting premature hair loss.
  • Due to its emmenagogue and diuretic properties, this essential oil has been used in the treatment of irregular menstrual cycles and has the ability to help reduce water retention during menstruation.
  • The inhalation of Rosemary Essential Oil can be used to address a number of respiratory problems and several compounds in Rosemary Essential Oil make it an effective treatment for asthma, catarrh and whooping cough and can aid in the relief of discomfort caused by throat congestion.
  • As a cholagogue it helps promote the release of bile from the system, allowing for easier digestion, alleviating colitis and dyspepsia. In addition it aids in the release of gas in the alimentary tract making this a suitable remedy for anyone suffering from cramps associated with sluggish digestion or flatulence.
  • It induces perspiration, lowering body temperature to alleviate and prevent fever.
  • With its antiseptic and disinfectant properties, Rosemary oil can aid in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, eczema and dry scalp.
  • Rosemary oil works on the central nervous system, which is why it is considered to be a natural antidepressant, enhancing mental awareness, and improving overall mental well-being.

Health Uses

  • In studies conducted with people suffering from premature balding, results have shown that with regular use, Rosemary stimulates the hair follicles, encouraging hair growth.
  • Blend 6 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 4 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil, 4 tablespoons of Avocado Oil and 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil. Once a week, massage into your scalp and allow to sit for 30 minutes before thoroughly washing out as per your usual routine.
  • For further treatment, add a drop or two of Rosemary Essential Oil to your brush before running it through your hair.
  • For relief from indigestion, add 2 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil to a half a teaspoon of Hemp Seed Carrier Oil and massage into your abdomen in clockwise, circular motions.
  • To help relieve muscle and joint pain brought on by cold weather, dissolve 1 cup of Epsom salts in a hot bath and add 2 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 1 drop of Ginger Essential Oil and 1 drop of Palmarosa Essential Oil. Soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Rosemary Oil efficiently cleans skin and will also help prevent further build up of bacteria. Try adding 2-3 drops of Rosemary Essential oil to your bottle of daily cleanser. Alternatively boil a cup of water and allow to cool. Add 2-3 drops of Rosemary essential oil and decant into a sealable bottle. After evening cleansing, moisten a cotton ball with the mixture and smooth over your skin.

Home Uses

  • Instead of using cleaning agents that has the potential to do more harm than good, try this natural remedy for thoroughly killing disease-causing microorganisms. Boil 125 millilitres of water and allow to cool. Pour into a spray bottle with 30 millilitres of vodka, 10 drops of Rosemary Essential oil, 15 drops of Thyme Essential Oil, 20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and 5 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Shake well before spraying on a sponge and wiping down surfaces.
  • Naturally deodorize and sanitize your home by adding 10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil and 5 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to a spray bottle filled with 2 cups of warm water. This is a timeless aroma for an overall clean, fresh smell, and is a particularly good remedy during the winter months when windows and doors are kept closed and bacteria are free to spread and grow.

Awesome Tip: To naturally disinfect and clean your dishcloths and sponges, soak them in boiled water overnight with 3 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil and 3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil.

Caution: Rosemary Essential Oil should not be uses by people who have epilepsy or high blood pressure. Should you be pregnant or breast feeding, avoid using as a precaution. Because essential oils are concentrated, highly potent substances never use undiluted on the skin.

Disclaimer: We are not medically trained in any way; if you suffer from a medical condition, please consult your doctor or homeopath.


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