Ever been out at the shops for hours looking for that perfect Christmas or Birthday gift and just cant find anything that suits your values, budget and that you know will warm that special person’s heart? I would much rather spend that time making a homemade gift. This way you know what is in it, where it comes from and that it will be healthy and enjoyed.

Christmas cards you buy shops are expensive. I’d be OK with that, if they at least looked more unique and less mass-produced.

In my opinion they’re not special enough to give to the ones you love. If you like giving Christmas cards, perhaps you’d like to stick around and find out how quick and easy it is to make you own.

Aaaarg! I hear you screech as you flop backwards into your couch. The post-traumatic stress caused by kamikaze Christmas shoppers kicks in. You feel sticky and dirty. Your feet ache from all the up and down tottering through the shopping mall and I can hear you burble something under your breath, “Why did I wait until the last minute to do my Christmas Shopping?” I’ll tell you why.