In this day and age, it’s become almost as easy to choose organic and natural products as it always was to choose processed products that have been loaded with all sorts of other harmful ingredients. By now, most of us are starting to understand the benefit of going green, as more people turn to a healthier, greener way of life. Despite this, sometimes it can still be too easy to not think before we shop – especially when we have busy lives, with kids to feed, schedules to keep and things to do. As a result, our intentions to start going organic are often forgotten as we hurtle through the shops after a long day, grabbing the quickest and easiest things we see.

We have all heard about global warming and the heated debates surrounding it. As we witness the destruction of our planet and see the effects of global warming on our environment, we are painfully made aware that it’s not the future generation’s problem anymore. Living our lives in a country poor with natural resources like clean water and unpolluted air, we sometimes struggle to see our personal contribution impact effectively on the environment.