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So my allergies just sprung out of control. I need to go on a detox diet for at least 2 weeks, which means no sugar, diary, gluten or sulphates for me. Hopefully this will help to alleviate the symptoms.

This is perhaps a blessing in disguise because now I’m forced to try out new recipes and get creative with meal and snack times. Which brings me to this delicious organic cereal mix I created. 100% Gluten, sugar, diary and GMO free, delicious and organic!

Known in India as puchaput, this exotic essence with its spicy, captivating and earthy undertones has held a tenacious and definitive role in history. Along with its revolutionary reputation as the scent associated with American counterculture and the hippie movement of the 60’s and 70’s, Patchouli Essential Oil has an array of determinate benefits.