Most of you by now should have heard about the disastrous explosion on one of the BP offshore drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico two weeks ago. At this moment in time it is pumping 5 000 barrels of crude oil into the ocean EVERY DAY!

Up until now the engineers have been unable to invent a way to stop the oil from pumping into the ocean. It”s likely to take them another week before they are able to put a box over one of the leaks to capture the

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oil and it could take up to three months to‚ plug‚ the well to halt this disaster. All this is good and well, but the after effects of this disaster will be felt for years to come.

The Biggest Environmental Disaster
It has been labeled the biggest environmental disaster of our modern time. And that makes you think, doesn’t it? In our modern time, why was something like this allowed happen? If we are so clever, how could we allow this?

More Chemicals
Not only did we allow this, we are making it worse. They are spraying dispersants on the oil spill every day in a bid to make it go away. On Thursday (29/042010) alone they dropped 100,000 gallons into the ocean. Now, if you don”t know what dispersant is, it is found in dishwashing liquid (not the natural kind). It is the stuff that breaks down the oil into small droplets that sink to the bottom. BP has now bought up more than a third of the WORLD”S SUPPLY! Can you believe that? Educated people believe that spraying dangerous chemicals on crude oil will make the situation better! They are also not making known exactly what the composition of these dispersants is.
These are public waters. How this can be allowed is beyond me. There are people swimming, fishing and making a living from these waters. Not even to mention all the aquatic life and delicate bio diverse eco systems.

In my opinion the only way to avoid disasters like these would be to ban offshore drilling all together. Even in doing this it won’t offer a full proof solution as tankers and ships carry tons of oil, but this will serve to at least minimise the risk.

However, the money hungry giants of this world won”t let that happen without putting up a fight.
I think it is a fight well worth fighting!


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